Dennis Moody
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"Drum Recording Handbook" - Hal Leonard Publishing

No matter what type of music you're preparing to record, getting a good drum sound is the foundation of a good recording project. Whether you're a drummer wanting to test out your new 8 track recorder or an aspiring sound engineer recording a live band for the first time, trying to mic a drum kit and getting a halfway decent sound can seem not just intimidating, but completely overwhelming. With decades of experience recording live bands, Dennis Moody is the engineer of choice for many of the industries top drummers. He has worked with Dave Weckl, Ricky Lawson, Michael White, Steve Farrone, Vinnie Colaiuta, Jeff Parcaro, Gary Novak, Dennis Chambers, Gregg Bissonette, Alex Acuna, Chad Wackerman, Danny Carey, Tom Brechlein, Harvey Mason, Chester Thompson, Bernard Purdie, Gerry Brown, James Gadson, Oscar Seaton, Bill Stewart, Joe La Barbera and many more. Ready to start recording your first drum kit? Where do you start? How to do it? In his book, "The Drum Recording Handbook", he will give you tips on mic selection and placement, when to use and not use EQ, using signal processing devices such as "noise gates" and "compressors", panning and positioning the drums across the stereo spectrum, balancing tips, phase issues and how to avoid them so that you will get a full and complete sound from your drum kit. He will also give you some tips on getting a drum sound "on a budget" if you are restricted with the amount of gear available to you. In "The Drum Recording Handbook" you will be given tips to start developing your own unique style that will have your recordings sounding great!!