Dennis Moody
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Most of the following Mp3 song samples have been edited down to 2 minutes in length. Catagorized into different styles to allow a complete overview of the different genres of Moody's expertise. Just click and listen. Intended for promotional review only.  P=producer, E=engineer, M=mixer, MS=mastering, G=Grammy Nominee

Beauty - Spindrift PEMMS
Sugar Mountain - Kristin King PEMMS
Strange Arithmetic - The Wild Stares PEM
Diamonds - Spindrift PEMMS
It's Not Me, It's You - Putnam Hall EM
Red Rooster - Joe Houston EM
Mick's Jam - Mick Taylor & G. Groom EM
Oh Pretty Woman - Prince Robinson PEM
Love Is Good - Scott Manor Band PEM
Little Schoolgirl - Prince Robinson PEM
Art & Spoken Word:
Eat My Soul - Angela Bowie EM
The Haunted Palace - P. Robinson PEMMS
Poolside Polka - Rotondi PEM
Handel Your Rooster - Prince Robinson PEM
Killer Consumer - The Pivot Foots PEM
Curse Of Bigness - The Underthings EM
Alt. Country & Songwriter:
This Feeling - Dana Larson MMS
Summer's Gone - Fur & Steve PEMMS
Way That I Feel - Fur & Steve PEMMS
Up To Here - The Dimebox Band PEMMS
Green And Plenty - Vertigo Road M
Where Are We Going - Fur & Steve M
Scars - Steve Werner PEMMS
Jazz & Fusion:
Sly Boots - Steve Gadd Band EM
Johnny's Theme - Phil Norman 10tet EMMS
Clarrise - Horace Tapscott Arkestra MS
Linus & Lucy - Phil Norman 10tet EMMSG
So What - Phil Norman Tentet EMMS
Amongst The Roses - Jimmy Mahlis EM
Stella - Dave Weckl Acoustic Band E
Pasadena Pancakes - Ben Koppel E
Cameroon - Mike Stern E
Duality - John Rangell EM
Prisoner Of Dreams - Steve Fowler EM
All Alone - Sweet Baby 'Jai PEM
Breakfast For Dinosaurs - Fowler Bros. PEM
Light Years Away - Mike Telesmanik EM
Rise - Jeri Brown/Dwight Tribble E
Late Scratch - The Fowler Bros. PEM
Estrada Branca - Lorena Fontana E

The Dave Weckl Band E
Holiday Songs:
Little Drummer Boy - Feat. Gregg Bissonette E
Christmas Time Is Here - Will Downing E
Here Comes Santa Claus - Los Straitjackets M
Little Drummer Boy - Luis Villegas M
Pop Music:
Walk 2 Steps - K.J. Ticehurst PEM
Now That You Are Gone - Rachel MMS
For You - Chris Hickey PEM
Racing Thru My Heart - Blazing Wheel EM
Survive - K.J. Ticehurst PEM
Live Recordings:
Love And Freedom - Bebe Winans EMG
The Chicken - Dave Weckl Band E
Refahat - Googoosh & Martik EMMS
Das Morganrot - Hamburg Volkschor EM
La Andina - Sabia EM
After All - The Winans EM
Arrivo - Amsterdam String Trio EM

Simo Falili Chahad M
Dance & House:
Mirage - Petia PM
4 My People - Missy Elliot EG
Love Hangover - Diana Ross Ass't EG
Don't Leave Me This Way-T. Houston Add'l EG
Got To Believe - Bethany Wright M
Forget The Rest - Mastertune Berlin EM
Before The Rain - Kaos Theory (Chill) E
R&B/ Smooth Jazz:
Easy Ride - Freddie Washington M
Bold Changes - Kyle Eastwood M
Funky Fiesta - Michael O'Neill PEM
Cupid - Lynne Fiddmont EM
The Journey - Michael O'Neill PEM
Take A Chance - Sonya Jason PEM
World Music:
Jolene - Cheike Ndoye MMS
Rekpete - The Bonedaddys PEMMS
Open The Door Lenio - Babaghanoush MMS
Besame Mucho - Trio Ellas MMSG
Wake Up! - Judas Star PEM
Tango De Echo Park - Ciro Hurtado EM
Sweet And Deadly - The Superiors PEM
Aguas - Ciro Hurdato EM
Destinos - Huayucaltia EM
Zombie - The Bonedaddys PEMMS
My Thumb Is Numb - Milleniums M
Let Me Down - Cory Wilkins EM
Let's Rumble - Love/Hate E
Far Side Of Midnight - Burning Desire PEM
Forever - Pages Of The Book PEM
Cry Out - Jungle Alley PEMMS
Noodles - The Halibuts EM
Rocka Ronnie, Rock! - Flattop Tom EM
Den Of Inequity - Carrie Hamilton PEM
Lone Rider - The Hollywood Hillbillys PEM

Arshak Quartet MMS

Alicia Grant M

Andre Sampaio E

Lorena Fontana E

Bill Cunliffe Orchestra EMMS